While providing mechanic lien coverage is central to our mission in helping protect your deed of trust – our procedures are designed to provide mechanic lien risk management prior to any mechanic's lien being filed.

Each time we prepare a check we contact the payee and inform them of exactly what business documentation we need to release that check. Lien releases and material releases may be mailed, faxed, dropped off, or scanned and emailed to our offices.

Invoices detailing included material costs must be accompanied by an unconditional lien waiver from the material supplier.

If the check recipient cannot prove they paid for their material we can contact the supplier and pay those costs directly and then pay the remainder to the sub-contractor. Our procedures are very carefully designed and implemented to provide real time mechanic lien risk management to minimize the risk of any mechanic liens being filed. By monitoring every invoice and payment, we constantly provide loan to value monitoring for all construction partners.


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